Winston Churchill is dead.

But were he alive today he might say;

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Jeff Lantern. He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma inside an anorak.’

Jeff Lantern is a true modern day Renaissance Man, a writer, performer, investigator of conspiracacy theories and also new religionist.

Jeff  isn’t afraid to ask the questions other people are afraid to ask such as was ‘Harry’ from ‘Harry and the Hendersons’ actually a real Bigfoot?’ And also, considering David Freeman is the only witness to what took place in the movie ‘Flight of the Navigator’, perhaps the whole film was a C.I.A. mind control experiment which went wrong, which was also filmed as a fly on the wall documentary.

And then expose these truths by writing books about them.

Or at least design the covers, as sadly, no publisher dares print Jeffs uncomfortable truths.

Jeff is currently gravitating away from the conspiracy circuit (mainly because it is inhabited by nutters) and, inspired by Carl Jung, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Watts, has started writing his own religion instead (called Squirclism). Jeff is also interested in exploring the nature of conciousness and exploding the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Jeff has also recently become the (self appointed) UK Campaign manager for Coyne / Drozd 2012. The campaign to get The Flaming Lips into the White House!

Coyne Drozd 2012: We’ve got the power now

Jeff is not a comedian, however he has recently started performing on the Comedy Circuit as nobody else will take him seriously.

(Please consult Jeffs reading list for the required reading before watching Jeff perform live)

(And bring some cash for his stall)


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