Squirclism, is a new religion, of no religion as founded in 2012 by writer, performer and self appointed Squircle Superior, Jeff Lantern.

If you don’t like it, you are free to write another. Although not mandatory, it is requested that any future manifestos are no larger than one side of A4, and typed up in 11pt Helvetica (11 being the magic number of Squirclism.) All manifestos should also have a Squircle on them.

First generation JL Squirclists must follow the following 3 commandments:

1. Thou shalt try thy best to fulfill thy potential, without hurting other people.

2. Thou shalt never apologise for being awesome.

3. Thou shalt not live in a shadowy world of fear.

Further details of the 12 main branches of squirclism are available in Jeffs new book ‘Man and his Squircles’

For further information, please consult the Squirclists Manifesto, which is revised on a regular basis.


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