Jeffs new book, about Dinosaurs.

Published April 18, 2012 by jefflantern

Kind of speaks for itself really this one.



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One of my numerous agendas in exploding the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health is that I would like to do more to telegraph the distinction between somebody who is in a state of ‘Psychosis’ and somebody who is a ‘Psychopath’. These are both tw0  different things, but are frequently bracketed together under catch all terms like ‘Nuts’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Bonkers’.
One possiblity, could be by developing existing terms, for example, when somebody describes someone as ‘Bonkers’ (or a Bonkho) you could ask whether they are referring to somebody who is in a state of ‘Bonkhosis?’ or somebody who is actually a ‘Bonkerspath’.Either way help it would help to distinguish between the two, if somebody was demonstrating symptoms that could be described as ‘Bonkhotic’.

Whether this ambiguity was established by whoever funded Alfred Hitchcocks movie ‘Psycho’ is a matter of conjecture..

Further information about Psychopaths, (or Bonkhopaths) can be found in Jon Ronsons awesome book The Psychopath Test.

Jeff Lantern meets Lost Voice Guy

Published April 9, 2012 by jefflantern

I had a nice night at Rib Ticklers comedy night last in Hartlepool and also finally had the opportunity to watch Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy, one of the most exciting and original acts I’ve seen for years!

Being a maverick, I immediately took him to a nearby car park and used the full beam on my car headlights to take this photograph with him.

I’m looking forwards to sharing the stage with him soon.

More details about Lee here

I am going to London now to explode live truth, I will insert hyperlinks on my return.


David Trent ‘What I really do’ Meme

Published April 8, 2012 by jefflantern

Recently, maverick comedian David Trent logged onto Facebook and wrote;

‘I thought I’d come on here and cheer myself up with some of those photos of what my mum thinks I do, what my dad thinks I do, what my boss thinks I do, what my friends think I do, what my colleagues think I do, what I actually do, but now find myself bereft. RIP WHAT MY MUM THINKS I DO, WHAT MY DAD THINKS I DO, WHAT MY BOSS THINKS I DO, WHAT MY FRIENDS THINK I DO, WHAT MY COLLEAGUES THINK I DO, WHAT I ACTUALLY DO. You made me happy when the sky was grey.’

This inspired my agent Alistair Greaves to make this version of popular meme, specifically for David;

Which David then enjoyed, writing ‘Thank you Alistair. This really was a wonderful surprise as it was one of those photos of what my mum thinks I do, what my dad thinks I do, what my boss thinks I do, what my friends think I do, what my colleagues think I do, what I actually… do, but it was about the best man in the world, me, so it made me happy because it a photo of what my mum thinks I do, what my dad thinks I do, what my boss thinks I do, what my friends think I do, what my colleagues think I do, what I actually do, but it was also about me, David Trent, so that was great.’

At which point Mark Restuccia showed up writing ‘Hi guys. What’s going on here then?’

Unsure if Mark was familiar with the concept of ‘Memetics’, Alistair wrote this reply;

Do you know what a Meme is Mark Restuccia?

It’s a concept pioneered by Susan Greenfield (I think) and is basically a cultural equivalent of a ‘Gene’. For example, obviously Humans have needed our brains, which is why are Brai…n Genes have survived and replicated to the point where we now comprehend our location within the Universe to an atomic level, but none of us know why. However we don’t have tails any more as we didn’t need tails so the tail Gene died instead of replicating. Which is why we now have ‘Appendixes’ instead. Sometimes these appendixes can become inflamed and very painful and taken out. But thats not so bad as my understanding is that those who have their appendixes removed get Ice Cream afterwards.

Now I think about it I may have got appendixes mixed up with Teeth, with is another example of a Gene which has survived. Although ironically we don’t need our teeth to eat Ice Cream and if from now on, all our species ever ate was Ice Cream then we would probably evolve further without the need for Teeth as the Teeth Gene was no longer successful.

I hope this clarifies matters.

Please note Mark Restuccia is also available for Voice-Over work, and dating.

Daniel Kitsons Shaved Head

Published April 8, 2012 by jefflantern

Firstly let me say that I am a huge fan of Daniel Kitson (who has recently shaved his head) who is perhaps the funniest man to walk the Earth right now, along with Tony Law. So when I heard he had adopted a new look by shaving off his his long hair and beard, naturally I had to investigate.

Now Kitson has a reputation  within the industry for his insistence to take complete ownership of all aspects of his career including all his PA and Marketing, With the result that without paying anybody else for any PA, or Marketing he remains the hottest comedy property in town (Although not quite so hot since he has now shaved his head, unless maybe he wore a hat)

But he is also caught in the same bind Bill Hicks spoke about, as by discouraging photographers and suppressing images of his newly shaven head, he is ultimately generating more publicity in what he looks like with his newly shaven head. Which could inspire other comedians who try to attract the same demographic (but also equally hate concepts like demographics) to try to cash in in that interest by writing blog posts about Daniel Kitson that feature the words Daniel Kitsons Shaved Head in a cynical attempt to direct internet traffic to their own site. (did I mention I also have a stall? Only one True Fist Lion Egg Cup left! )

As ever, Daniels new show sounds awesome, if you would like to see it and live in Australia tickets can be got from Here

This is the Chortle review which alerted me to Daniel Kitsons shaved head.

And finally this is the Blog that inspired me to write a blog post about Daniel Kitsons shaved head. And yes, it does contain (appropriately not very clear) pictures of Daniel with his recently shorn top and bottom half of his face.

Thankyou to all who own the sites I am linking to, I am a new blogger and I don’t know what the ettiquette is regarding acknowledging you.