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Jeffs new book for media professionals

Published March 17, 2012 by jefflantern

Many conspiracy theorists believe that various pop extravaganzas, such as Madonnas recent performance at the Superbowl are actually Satanic ceremonies conducted by the shadowy ruling elite who secretly rule us from the shadows.

Whilst this isn’t entirely implausable, there is another possibilty that most fashion designers tend to be very busy people with very demanding clients, working to very tight deadlines. Consequently, many busy designers may not have the time to investigate arcane witchcraft literature to ensure any symbols or logos they may design arn’t misinterpreted. My new book above is specifically designed for the busy fashion designer ‘on the go’ just to ensure there are no ambiguities in future extravagant productions.

And also if the same images keep recurring (Pyramids, All seeing eyes, Nick Clegg, etc.) Then what more evidence do we need to prove that everybody who works in the media is a blood drinking, shape shifting,  Satan worshipping reptillion!

(Other than observing anybody in the media performing any of those actions with our own eyes..)