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Jeff Lantern Presents: TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH – A New Monthly Comedy Night in Newcastle Upon Tyne (in association with Pandamonium Productions)

Published April 20, 2012 by jefflantern

Jeff Lantern is proud to annouce his new comedy night (in asociation with Pandamonium Productions) TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH.

At this new monthly night, Jeff Lantern will present the cream of the local comedy scene including Ian Todd, Lee Ridley. Liberty Hodes, Katie Yossarian and Jeff Lantern.

As well as Edinburgh previews by awesome up and coming national acts possibly including Adam Larter, Gareth Morinan, and maybe even a special homecoming gig/Edinburgh preview for Geordie ex pat Holly Burn!

The first ever TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH will be held this Sunday at Stepneys Bar in Newcastle upon Tyne featuring;

Stephen Frizzle
Jonathan Pelham
Emily Wood
Katie Yossarian
MC Rory McAlpine


Who will only be playing records by with the Flaming Lips, all night long.

This night will also be the first time that Jeff has ever used his 35mm slide carousel projector. At least in a live environment.

What Jeff chooses to use his slide projector for in the privacy of his own home is Jeffs business alone and we should respect that.

Please note, Jeff will also be launching his new religion, a new relidion for a new age in which anybody of any denomination can choose to follow (except Scientologists).

Also if anybody knows of any venues in London suitable for a monthly TRUTH EXPOSION SOUTH please get in touch.

Also don’t forget to bring some cash for
Jeffs Stall He has recently added a delightful

Jeff Lanterns Truth Explosion Magnetic Tic Tac Toe


Jeff Lantern appointed official UK campaign officer for Coyne/Drozd 2012: We’ve got the power now!

Published March 24, 2012 by jefflantern

Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd are going to be the next President and Vice President of the United States of America in 2012!  
(if they get enough votes)

And Jeff Lantern has just been appointed the official UK campaign officer for Coyne/Drozd 2012!

Wayne Coyne loves animals, Steven Drozd is kind to children, and together they front the world’s finest neo-psychedelia rock band, The Flaming Lips.  They are the kind of people we need in the White House helping make America fucking cool again. (Also pictured above are future Secretary of State: Kliph Scurlock, and future NASA Director: Michael Ivins)

Wayne Coyne is pro Pot, and against EvilRobots. Taking stands on today’s most important issues, Wayne Coyne is a new kind of candidate.  He isn’t afraid to call his supporters “Motherfuckers”, and doesn’t shy away from nudity, strobe lights, or smoke machines. He says what he’ll do, then he does it.  From Gummy Skulls with USB drives implanted in them to building a full scale UFO.  It’s time for us to elect an honest, hard working, real man of the people, who isn’t afraid to give out 10,000 laser pointers to an audience. They’re just humans with wives and children.


aka: The infamous WC photo bombing incident of 08…

Show your support!

If you want to help Jeff Lantern get Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd elected in 2012, please continue on to the Stickers & T-shirts page and order several for you, friends, and family members.  All profits from the sale of Coyne/ Drozd 2012 stickers go to help two good causes: The Central Oklahoma Humane Society and Planned Parenthood. and will hopefully be available soon from Jeff Stall!!!


Measures 3 inches by 4.5 inches (non edible)


Stickers & T-Shirts

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Coyne Drozd 2012: We’ve got the power now

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