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Published April 12, 2012 by jefflantern

One of my numerous agendas in exploding the prevailing stigma surrounding mental health is that I would like to do more to telegraph the distinction between somebody who is in a state of ‘Psychosis’ and somebody who is a ‘Psychopath’. These are both tw0  different things, but are frequently bracketed together under catch all terms like ‘Nuts’, ‘Psycho’ and ‘Bonkers’.
One possiblity, could be by developing existing terms, for example, when somebody describes someone as ‘Bonkers’ (or a Bonkho) you could ask whether they are referring to somebody who is in a state of ‘Bonkhosis?’ or somebody who is actually a ‘Bonkerspath’.Either way help it would help to distinguish between the two, if somebody was demonstrating symptoms that could be described as ‘Bonkhotic’.

Whether this ambiguity was established by whoever funded Alfred Hitchcocks movie ‘Psycho’ is a matter of conjecture..

Further information about Psychopaths, (or Bonkhopaths) can be found in Jon Ronsons awesome book The Psychopath Test.