Daniel Kitsons Shaved Head

Published April 8, 2012 by jefflantern

Firstly let me say that I am a huge fan of Daniel Kitson (who has recently shaved his head) who is perhaps the funniest man to walk the Earth right now, along with Tony Law. So when I heard he had adopted a new look by shaving off his his long hair and beard, naturally I had to investigate.

Now Kitson has a reputation  within the industry for his insistence to take complete ownership of all aspects of his career including all his PA and Marketing, With the result that without paying anybody else for any PA, or Marketing he remains the hottest comedy property in town (Although not quite so hot since he has now shaved his head, unless maybe he wore a hat)

But he is also caught in the same bind Bill Hicks spoke about, as by discouraging photographers and suppressing images of his newly shaven head, he is ultimately generating more publicity in what he looks like with his newly shaven head. Which could inspire other comedians who try to attract the same demographic (but also equally hate concepts like demographics) to try to cash in in that interest by writing blog posts about Daniel Kitson that feature the words Daniel Kitsons Shaved Head in a cynical attempt to direct internet traffic to their own site. (did I mention I also have a stall? Only one True Fist Lion Egg Cup left! )

As ever, Daniels new show sounds awesome, if you would like to see it and live in Australia tickets can be got from Here

This is the Chortle review which alerted me to Daniel Kitsons shaved head.

And finally this is the Blog that inspired me to write a blog post about Daniel Kitsons shaved head. And yes, it does contain (appropriately not very clear) pictures of Daniel with his recently shorn top and bottom half of his face.

Thankyou to all who own the sites I am linking to, I am a new blogger and I don’t know what the ettiquette is regarding acknowledging you.


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