Jeffs new book, which challenges the Stigma and the Stigmata which surrounds the Easter Myth and Mental Health.

Published April 6, 2012 by jefflantern

Have you been sectioned under the mental health act for claiming to speak with ‘the voice of God?’

Introducing Jeffs new book which he wrote when he was a bit ill (mentally) which deals with how to convince mental health professionals that you are not the new messiah, so that they then free you to continue to spread your teachings, but just in a way that doesn’t worry people as much as last time.

This book also deals with the profound realization that (according to the ancient Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta) all that exists is only Brahman.

The vast amount of multiplicity seen in the world of human beings, the diverse kinds of individuals who identify themselves with different names, families, castes and races, indeed the entire universe, from the largest stars to the smallest atom – all this is indeed nothing but Brahman.

It is only ignorance of this astonishingly simple, yet complex truth that leads to misery. The individual Atman is also ultimately not different from Brahman, and realization of this important doctrine is Moksha. However if acheiving the state of Moksha isn’t dealt with sympathetically, it can lead to confusion and ‘mental illness’ when individuals realise that not only are they are a part of god but possibly more.

As ever, Alan Watts elaborates on all this more eloquently than me, Jeff Lantern.

Also, this video elaborates on how having a a manic episode can be considered analagous to the breakdown of ego and lead to spiritual awakening. Like what Jesus was crucified for.


Please note information re: Advaita Vedanta has been taken from here.


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