According to an ancient Mayan prophesy, and numerous new age authors who have investigated historical Mayan artifacts while taking a lot of drugs, on 21st December 2012 the world is going to end

Fortunately, writer, performer and conspiracy factist Jeff Lantern has decided to save it, with help from his friends in a fundraising comedy gala spectacular featuring:

Nick Helm – Star of BBC3’s Live at the Electric and ‘Fosters Comedy Award Best Show Nominee 2011’

Ben Target – ‘Fosters Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee 2012’

Mystery Special Guest…

And a selection of the finest up and coming acts including:

Gareth Morinan, Sanderson Jones, Adam Larter, Holly Burn and Nick Sun

With more exciting names to be added..

Jeff Lantern is a writer, performer and investigator of conspiracy theories. Jeff is currently gravitating away from the conspiracy circuit (mainly because it is inhabited by nutters) and, inspired by Carl Jung, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Watts, has recently launched his own religion (called Squirclism).

Jeff is not a comedian, however he has recently started performing on the Comedy Circuit as nobody else will take him seriously. Please consult Jeffs reading list for the required reading before watching Jeff perform live.And bring some cash for his stall.

‘To say Jeff Lantern is out of this world would not be an under-exaggeration. He may be bonkers, but he is very funny.’


As well as saving the world, Jeff Lantern will also attempt to save the Bees, by donating the proceeds from all tickets sold to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.


Dr Luke Dixon author of ‘Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities‘ and responsible for maintaining the hive at Conway Hall will also be giving a presentation.

And what celebration of the end of the world would be complete without everybody’s favourite Aztec Reptillian Bird God, Quetzelcotl*

Please note, as this is a Gala event, listed act line ups may change at short notice. We are skeptical that anything supernatural will take place on this date. However if the world does end, the organizers will not be liable for any refunds.

*Although we have not heard from Quetzelcotl recently, he did agree to attend 13,000 years ago, apparently.


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