Now available at Jeffs Stall! Jeff Lanterns Truth Explosion Bald Eagle (not life size)

Published June 24, 2012 by jefflantern

NEW: Jeff Lanterns Truth Explosion Bald Eagle/Goose (not life size)
(last one available!)


Laughterholics Anonymous, Seymour Mace and the True Fist Lion Egg Cup of Destiny.

Published May 12, 2012 by jefflantern

So a lovely time was had by all last night at this wonderful comedy night in South Shields which was celebrating it’s first birthday! a credit to the promotional skills of Luke Milford and the supportive audience at Laughter Holics.

Jeff was particularly pleased to finally meet one of his comedy heroes Seymour Mace, pictured here modelling Jeffs fabled ‘True Fist Lion Egg Cup of Destiny” (An item of power very few are priviliged to hold, never mind eat an egg out of”)

As ever, Jeffs Stall was the clear highlight of the evening and Jeff also enjoyed helping a pair of foxy local babes free themselves from the oppresive delusion of time. They than demanded to be photographed with Jeff while wearing Jeffs special watches which will soon be available from Jeffs Stall.

One of Jeffs special watches which reminds us that (to a certain extent) the present moment is all we have and we can choose to define it how we want. As modelled here by Jeffs close friend the Superstar DJ David Guetta.

Heres to another succesful year at LaughterHolics! I’ll see if I can get Dave to DJ the next one ūüôā


Published April 29, 2012 by jefflantern

After the frankly unprecedented success of my previous TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH and after numerous high powered business meetings with Pandamonium Productions, we have decided to do 3 more TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH(S). Keep your eyes peeled for some sexy line-ups featuring the best and most thought=provoking comedians, not just from the local comedy scene, but also from the national comedy scene! Possibly even including people who’ve been on the telly, as well as future Perrier award winners!

PLEBtalks Leeds

Published April 29, 2012 by jefflantern

I had a super time at PLEBtalks last night at the lovely¬†Dock Street Market as part of Leeds Comedy Fest. The theme of the evening was ‘Money’.

As ever (as well as the other acts) my stall was the clear highlight of the evening (with a lot of interest being expressed in the ‘True Fist’ Lion Egg Cup..)

Also, please note that the Jeff Lanterns Truth Exposion Model Alfa Romea 2600 Sprint (1962) is no longer available for purchase. I have asked the lucky lady who took it to send me a photograph of her enjoying said vehicle, which I look forwards to recieving in earnest.

I believe the event was filmed, so am hoping to be able to upload some video soon. Some more photos below:

‘Lifes too short’ not to be photographed with the stars of ‘Lifes too Short’ the quizzicle Eric Lampaert who was KEYNOTE SPEAKER and whose thought provoking set will make anybody who heard it not quite look at money in the the same way ever again. Along with fellow True Fist! Gareth Morinan who kindly let me use his laptop and projector, which gave my TRUTH EXPLOSIONS an uncharacteristic veneer of professionality.

Jeff Lantern with Nish Kumar and Ben Target, the brains, and the brawn behind PLEBtalks, along with a bloke called Dan.

Also present (though sadly unphotographed) were Matthew Highton and Paul Sweeney.

Get your tickets now for the next PLEBtalks which I believe will held at the Wilderness Festival.

Jeff Lantern is Quick Thinker at PLEB

Published April 27, 2012 by jefflantern

Jeff Lantern is very pleased to announce that he has been invited to be an official Quick Thinker at

PLEB Talks Live: Money

This should be a fun event with numerous special guest acts including former Comedy Lake alumni Matthew Highton and maverick flash animator Gareth Morinan who has kindly agreed to lend Jeff his laptop and projector!

And it’s in Leeds!

Jeff Lantern Presents: TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH – A New Monthly Comedy Night in Newcastle Upon Tyne (in association with Pandamonium Productions)

Published April 20, 2012 by jefflantern

Jeff Lantern is proud to annouce his new comedy night (in asociation with Pandamonium Productions) TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH.

At this new monthly night, Jeff Lantern will present the cream of the local comedy scene including Ian Todd, Lee Ridley. Liberty Hodes, Katie Yossarian and Jeff Lantern.

As well as Edinburgh previews by awesome up and coming national acts possibly including Adam Larter, Gareth Morinan, and maybe even a special homecoming gig/Edinburgh preview for Geordie ex pat Holly Burn!

The first ever TRUTH EXPLOSION NORTH will be held this Sunday at Stepneys Bar in Newcastle upon Tyne featuring;

Stephen Frizzle
Jonathan Pelham
Emily Wood
Katie Yossarian
MC Rory McAlpine


Who will only be playing records by with the Flaming Lips, all night long.

This night will also be the first time that Jeff has ever used his 35mm slide carousel projector. At least in a live environment.

What Jeff chooses to use his slide projector for in the privacy of his own home is Jeffs business alone and we should respect that.

Please note, Jeff will also be launching his new religion, a new relidion for a new age in which anybody of any denomination can choose to follow (except Scientologists).

Also if anybody knows of any venues in London suitable for a monthly TRUTH EXPOSION SOUTH please get in touch.

Also don’t forget to bring some cash for
Jeffs Stall He has recently added a delightful

Jeff Lanterns Truth Explosion Magnetic Tic Tac Toe